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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Can Kerry Carry in '04 ?

Kerry will lose in November because people are stupid. It is roughly three months before the presidential election and yet Bush is sure to win in November, while Kerry's numbers slip from an infinitesimal majority. It is unfortunate that it's come to this point because Bush is just so wrong on so many issues. It's also unfortunate that the American people, while believing that this is a very important election, allow themselves to be swayed by half-truths, naked assertions, and outright lies. All a Republican has to do is call someone a 'serial flip-flopper out of the mainstream Liberal', with no facts to back his claims and people are somehow coaxed into believing it. If it's on teevee, it must be true. You have to ask yourself where, exactly, have people been. Are they blind, or is some kind of unconscious doublethink taking hold of them. Put another way did Kerry even have a chance. With over eighty-million dollars thrown at defining Kerry as equivocal, coupled with the gullibility of Americans, has it been any wonder at all that he's behind in the polls. In fact, it's been a miracle that he's been even with Bush. I mean what's more American that a God-fearing 'war-president', and what could they dislike more than a 'Northeastern Liberal flip-flopper'. Sadly, though, even if Wes Clarke had been the democratic nominee, he would somehow have been labeled a Northeaster flip-flopper.
Prove me wrong John Kerry, prove me wrong.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

More on Democracy

The tools of our own destruction are built into the system. This must be changed if we are to continue as a true democracy, and not just be the latest 1.5 party state to come about. this must change but how?